University Counseling

University Counseling is one of the most important activities to pursue prior to applying for admission to colleges and universities, along with thereafter prior to registration to enroll and pay for classes to begin your learning journey.

Paul F. Davis helps students establish their academic and career goals and then guides them through the courses and activities which will enable them to accomplish their goals.

University Counseling is critical to a student’s success prior to and after having declared an academic program of study or major.

Knowing that University Counseling is the key component to helping students graduate, Paul’s goal is to help students succeed academically so that they can connect with their future, fulfill their dreams and realize their potential.

Paul is ready to assist students to choose the right academic institutions for higher learning in line with their career goals, achieve academic excellence, display student leadership and realize professional mastery. Paul works with students and professionals to:

– Clarify their educational and professional goals
– Develop an educational plan and strategy to make their goals a reality
– Gain understanding of core and course requirements for their chosen major
– Guidance with placement exams, test assessments and AP courses
– Provide assistance with course selection and registration
– Support students preparation and transition to college and university
– Evaluate students progress toward fulfilling degree requirements
– Suggest changes, improvements or modifications to enable students to stay on track
– Further explain academic policies and requirements to students
– Assist with students course selection and registration
– Provide up to date information on academics, professional development and careers
– Respect and protect students and professionals privacy and confidentiality
– Write references, make referrals and serve as a valuable resource

University Counseling is a developmental process in which students are provided with support in clarifying their academic, career and life goals, developing plans to achieve these goals, and evaluating their own progress. University Counseling is also a process in which students are empowered to think critically, explore available options, plan strategically and take personal responsibility for decision-making.

University Counseling involves helping students to understand the aims of University education, the culture and ethos of learning, the available educational options and the paths that could be taken so that students can draw their own roadmaps to achieve their goals and monitor their own progress. University Counseling should result in students’ greater satisfaction with their academic experience, better self-understanding and a sense of success in the achievement of personal and academic goals.

The relationship between the Counselor and student is one of shared responsibility. Things that Paul expects from students are:

– initiative
– interest
– involvement
– cooperation
– engagement
– preparation
– collaboration
– inquiry (ask questions)
– punctuality
– transparency (express concerns)
– responsibility (take ownership of your life and future)

Please contact Paul to schedule a consultation to serve your educational needs and advance your career. Paul can be contacted at