Be Different and Distinguish Yourself

Paul F. Davis helps students and professionals find where they belong, encourages them to believe in themselves, identify their strengths and skills, and become high achieving professionals and world-changers. Paul writes personal, compelling and powerful references for students and professionals throughout the world.

Students desirous of attending and studying at prestigious colleges and universities appreciate a reference written by Paul as it increases the credibility and value of their application and likelihood of successful acceptance and admission to highly respected and competitive colleges and universities.

Professionals in transition from industries, fields of expertise, career paths and companies come to Paul for Career Coaching to guide them. Professionals ask Paul to write them references to help highlight their skills and distinguish their resume when applying for high level employment positions.

Paul completed his training in University and Career Counseling with the University of Californai at Los Angeles (UCLA) and has earned 4 Master degrees with honors from exceptional universities in the United States: Global Affairs (New York University), Global Food Law (Michigan State University College of Law), Health (University of Alabama) and Educational Leadership (University of Texas). Paul earned his undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida and his Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL) certificate from Trinity College London. Moreover Paul has completed 20 online courses with Coursera and been awarded certificates of completion with distinction from many top universities across America offering classes on the online worldwide platform.

Along with his contacts in international business, health, medical, global education and legal fields; Paul provides students and professionals with the best possible advice to demonstrate their potential to university admissions offices, multinational companies, and federal government agencies.

Please contact Paul to schedule a consultation to serve your educational needs and advance your career. Paul can be contacted at RevivingNations(at)