Boarding Schools

Health, Happiness and Holistic Education to Prepare Students for Higher Education Excellence

Paul F. Davis helps students, parents and global scholars find where they belong, encourages them to believe in themselves, identify their strengths and skills, and become high achieving professionals and world-changers.

Students and parents need to know not all boarding schools are the same. Paul strives to help students and their parents find boarding schools that prioritize personal health, students’ happiness, provide holistic education with a well rounded curriculum, and prepare students for higher education excellence when they graduate to successfully transition into college and university.

Boarding schools range from the affordable to the most selective, competitive, and influential schools in the country and world. These are the schools that open Ivy League Universities’ doors and build lucrative social networks for the student’s lifelong success.

It is not by chance the founder of Facebook—the world’s largest social media network—attended a boarding school. Paul examines careful criteria in order to determine which boarding schools in the United States or throughout the world are the best fit and match for students and their parents.

Preparation for the Future

Teenage students who graduate from boarding schools often become future CEOs, Nobel Prize winners, ambassadors, governmental leaders, inventors, philanthropists, Olympians, lawyers, doctors and judges. These students are often visionaries, innovators, and pioneers in their professions and fields.

Paul looks for boarding schools that offer students signature, specialized programs (as well as boarding schools that are take a wide range of approaches ranging from a traditional curriculum to an unconventional curriculum allowing academic freedom for students interested in the arts and a more creative path).

Paul also helps parents and students find boarding schools that teach students to value hard work, both in and out of the classroom setting. Community service, chores, jobs—all of these contribute to instilling a work ethic in students to strengthen their character and discipline, vitally important to ensure success in the real world after graduation.


Boarding schools are in the unique position to offer diverse academic programs led by globally recognized professors and teachers, many of whom hold advanced degrees in their subject areas. All of the boarding schools Paul works with offer a beyond-solid academic program and rigorous graduation requirements.

Please contact Paul for a free consultation and assistance choosing a boarding school that is right for you (or the student in your family). Paul can be contacted at RevivingNations(at) and also via whatsapp +14072335664 or wechat – wellnesstrainer.

Paul completed his training in University and Career Counseling with the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and has earned 4 Master degrees with honors from exceptional universities in the United States: Global Affairs (New York University), Global Food Law (Michigan State University College of Law), Health (University of Alabama) and Educational Leadership (University of Texas). Paul earned his undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida and his Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL) certificate from Trinity College London. Moreover Paul has completed 20 online courses with Coursera and been awarded certificates of completion with distinction from many top universities across America offering classes on the online worldwide platform.

Along with his contacts in international business, health, medical, global education and legal fields; Paul provides students and parents with the best possible advice to ensure they choose a boarding school that best meets the student’s and family’s needs.

Please contact Paul to schedule a consultation to serve your educational needs and advance your career. Paul can be contacted at RevivingNations(at)