College Application Assistance


Paul F. Davis helps students find where they belong, encourages them to believe in themselves and become high achieving professionals and world-changers. The American higher education system offers incredible diversity, from large research-focused institutions located in major cities, to small liberal arts colleges in rural areas, and everything in between. Many U.S. colleges emphasize general foundational curriculum, which allows up to 1 year of study spread out between various areas of personal interest.

Along with his contacts in the international business, health, medical, global education and legal fields; Paul can provide students with the best possible advice to demonstrate their abilities and potential to college and university admissions offices.

Selecting the right college or university from the several thousand choices available in the United States (or elsewhere in the world where often excellent options exist) can be overwhelming and challenging. Whatever your preference and personal criteria are for institutions of higher learning, Paul has a wealth of knowledge and global expertise to successfully guide students during the selection and application process to obtain admission to a wide range of established and reputable colleges and universities throughout the world.

Systems of Higher Education

There are four different systems of higher education: 2-year institutions, public 4-year institutions, private 4-year institutions, and vocational/technical schools.

Nationwide, there are thousands of colleges offering a wide variety of degrees and majors. These include community colleges, state universities, and elite research institutions.

Paul assists global scholars with the following aspects of the college application for admission:

  • Application strategy
  • Timeline management
  • Profile assessment
  • School shortlisting
  • Campus visit planning
  • Profile building advice
  • Profile building applications assistance
  • Résumé editing
  • Essay strategy
  • Essay assistance
  • Referee selection
  • Transcripts and financial documents guidance
  • Application submission assistance
  • Interview coaching and rehearsal
  • Locating scholarships and applications
  • Assistance in accepting offers once admitted
  • Visa advice


International students and global scholars come to Paul from throughout the world to help them navigate the nuances of college applications to gain admission and immigration to live abroad. Paul provides essential perspective to all manner of students and engages global scholars in conversations to prepare them for the realities of higher education and the admissions process.


A former transfer applicant himself during his undergraduate years, Paul earned his Associate of Arts degree at Valencia College before transferring to the University of Central Florida. Paul understands the importance of smooth and painless transitions to position students for success, build their confidence, help them acclimate to life on campus, and not be intimidated by the higher education process. Paul assists transfer applicants to:

– Prepare for the admissions process.
– Get ready academically.
– Choose the right college and university.
– Communicate with admissions officers.
– Complete transfer admission applications.
– Score higher on standardized tests.
– Develop their college report and obtain transcripts.
– Obtain teacher and professor evaluations / recommendations.
– Complete financial aid applications.
– Prepare supplemental materials when needed.

Please contact Paul to schedule a consultation to serve your educational needs and advance your career. Paul can be contacted at RevivingNations(at)